We are gearing up for the one holiday when everyone is a little bit Irish. Even though Montana boasts one of the largest concentrations of Irish heritage in the US. Its true. Did you know that results of the 2020 Census showed that places like Butte, Montana had more Irish heritage than Boston Massachusetts?

According to a post from newstalkkgvo.com:

Butte has a record 23.6% of citizens that report being either Irish or Irish-American. Many assume that Boston would top the list, but it is only 19.8% Irish. It did however rank as the most Irish of America's 50 largest cities.

This probably explains why we Montanans LOVE to celebrate St Patrick's day so much. And what St. Patrick's Day celebration would be complete without corned beef and cabbage, and a classic GREEN BEER?

For some, remembering St. Patrick's day can be hard. It is the one holiday, where "blacking out," is not frowned upon. Looking back on some fond Saint Patrick's day photos, we came across a gem.

If my memory is correct, we set out on the town, with the mission to give away Dropkick Murphys tickets. Our task was to have you, the listener, catch our very own leprechaun. If you could talk him into giving you his box of Lucky Charms, you scored tickets. The only problem was, he wasn't giving them up without a fight.

As you can see from the following photo, he was kind of an ornery little dude.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and be safe tomorrow. Beware the disgruntled leprechaun.

KC Leprechaun

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