Here it is Great Falls!  The cutest, scariest and weirdest Halloween costumes in town!  It's the Great Falls Halloween Costume Parade 2022!

All of this costume browsing got me thinking about being a kid on Halloween in my day, the 70's. Yeah, you heard that right, the 70's.  Back then, my parents would take us to Choteau, and drop us at the start of a block.  They'd stay parked there until we'd worked our way up the block and back to the car.  Cool, right?  They'd do that for a good hour or 2 and me and my little brother would go home with a pillowcase full of goodies.  Now keep in mind, some of those, so-called goodies, were things like apples, nuts and home-made popcorn balls.  Something you'd NEVER EVER get now.  Luck for me, my parents disposed of homemade things properly, and we were left with just the wrapped candy in our bags.  Of course, minus the 100 Thousand Dollar bars, one of my favorites, that my parents would tell us the next day, they were sure they were poisoned, so they "took care of them".  As a mom and now a grandma, I know they took care of them alright.  They took care to eat each and every one of them and burn the wrappers in the wood stove.

Worst Halloween memory?  My cousin told me to say, "Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat". That was next door to their house.  My parents heard me, and I got a spanking.  Cousins.  Can't live with 'em, cause they're cousins, can't kill 'em cause you'll end up in prison.  Even on Halloween.

Enjoy your Halloween Parade!  Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures! Can't wait to do it again next year!

Great Falls Costume Parade 2022

Great Falls Costume Parade

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