I'm going to honest right off the bat.  I don't like horror movies.

OK, that's not entirely true.  I like horror movies, NOW. I didn't when I was a kid.

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My cousin, who is just 7 days younger than me, loved horror movies.  Since we were so close in age, we were pretty much like brothers and spent many nights having sleepovers.

When we'd have these sleepovers at his house, we'd go and rent some movies.  Without fail he'd pick out a horror movie to watch.  We'd watch it, I'd get scared, then call my parents in the middle of the night begging them to come get me.  I still remember for years not being able to go to the bathroom without checking the toilet after he rented "Ghoulies II".

It wasn't until I was a teenager that I was able to watch a horror movie and not get creeped out.  I still remember the movie that I was able to watch without getting scared.  It was the original "Candyman".  It was scary- very scary, but something changed in the way I viewed it.  For the first time, I realized, it wasn't real.  Because it didn't matter how many times my parents told me Freddy wasn't real, he was real to my young and over-active, imagination.

While I can watch horror movies now and not have nightmares for days, I don't actively seek them out as my preferred genre of movie to watch.  So I'm probably not the expert when it comes to recommending horror movies to watch this Halloween season.

That's why I figured I'd reach out to you our listeners to find what horror movies you love!

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Here are your favorite horror movies

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