Technology is moving faster than I can keep up with it. We may be finally getting our flying cars one of these days. There was a recent story about Ford investing in drone technology to help stranded motorists. We have had stories about electric vehicles in Montana, including the story about renters having issues charging their vehicles. The technology is moving faster than we can keep up with it.

Phones are Getting Charged Everywhere in Montana

With technology comes the power to make it all happen. The more we become tethered to our phones, the more we need to keep them charged. Just recently I was in a store and a customer had his phone plugged into one of the stores computers to get it charged. The employee of the store had to unplug the persons phone, to do his job. The person who was charging his phone was not happy.

This New Technology Could Help Montanans

Now there is a new technology that is on the horizon that can help charge your phone using your movement and your clothes. If you have ever shocked yourself, then you know the power static electricity can contain. Scientists are now looking to harness that power and use it it charge sensors or mobile devices using your clothes. According to StudyFinds, scientists and textile manufacturers are closing to making this a possibility.

Montanans Are Active

In Montana, we are very active and hard working. There is biking, hiking, skiing, and more. The list is a long one. It will be cool and functional to be able to charge your phone by doing what we are already out there doing. Who knows, if you are out enjoying Montana and all it has to offer, you may not even need a phone to charge.

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