Props to Incubus' frontman Brandon Boyd, who made a memorable cameo this week on the season finale of the critically hailed FX series Reservation Dogs.

For those who've followed the series, a major plot point has been the quest for the Indigenous teen protagonists to leave their rural Oklahoma reservation upbringing and make it to California, visiting the ocean as a way to honor their late friend Daniel. As the second season comes to a close, the journey is finally made, with a few detours along the way.

One of them comes when their car is stolen along with a few key essentials upon arriving in Los Angeles, with the teens seemingly at a loss until Boyd turns up as a character referred to as "White Jesus." The dirty-robed musician tells the teens that guys in suits, either gangsters or Mormons, “gacked it,” but offers to lead them to the beach. Eventually he takes them to a homeless encampment, where they're allowed to crash, before making their final path to the ocean.

"White Jesus" also gets a second appearance at the tail end of the episode, walking the beaches with his metal detector. A brief TV clip featuring the cameo was shared on Twitter as seen below.

Though Boyd is primarily known for his time in Incubus, his most recent musical offering was his second solo album, Echoes and Cocoons, that came out earlier this year. This marks Boyd's second significant on-screen cameo, previously appearing as a Central Park Singer in the 2015 film Chloe and Theo starring Dakota Johnson.

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