What Are The Ten Most Affordable Towns In Montana?

When it comes to buying a house in Montana, it's getting more expensive every year, with it really exploding in the last half decade.

We hear it and see it in the comment sections all the time that housing costs all over the state have gotten out of hand.

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What Is The Median Cost Of A House In 2024 In Montana

The cost of the house you buy depends on where you choose to buy it in Montana.

Looking to buy a house in a place like Jordan, Montana, is going to be far less expensive than a place like Bozeman.

That said, according to the website Redfin, the median cost of a house in Montana is an eye-popping $609,000.

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Is Montana Truly Affordable Anymore?

Montana can be affordable, yes, as you'll see in the gallery below, as the most affordable town in Montana has a median house cost of less than $300,000.

However, it is becoming harder to make ends meet even if you buy a house in a small rural town, as these are now the towns with some of the fastest-growing housing prices as more outsiders come to Montana.

How long some of these towns will continue to be affordable and stay on this list remains to be seen, but for the time being, if you're looking at buying your own home in Montana, these are the 10 most affordable towns to do so.

See The 10 Most Affordable Montana Towns For 2024

With homes below the median list price of $609,000, Redfin has determined these are the 10 most affordable towns in Montana.

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