I am willing to bet that music has affected everyone's life in one way or another. I cannot tell you when music changed my life, but it has always been a part of it. From jamming to my Grandpa's polka, crashing the cymbals during the national anthem, and even playing in a punk band. Music has shaped me, as I am sure it has for you.

I have always said that music is one of the things that separates us from the animal kingdom. Well, that and opposable thumbs. Even though nature can make music on its own. Humans have found so many ways of creating music out of just about anything. Transforming nature into song. Humans have used everything from horsehair for violins to carving wood into guitars.

It is very important that music stays in our schools.

Music and arts in our school have been seeing a lack of funding. Montana's own Senator Jon Tester does not want to see that happen. He has experienced firsthand how important music and arts are for our public schools. Hear his story on how music made him the person he is today.

Music gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in school. My story is not unique, and that is why the arts are critical to providing students with a quality education.

Posted by Senator Jon Tester on Tuesday, March 8, 201

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