As you travel across Montana not only will you see breathtaking scenery, but you'll also be able to sample some pretty impressive cuisine. Montana is filled with great food from fancy to down home, you will find something that hits the spot.

We have several local restaurants across the state that have been featured on television shows and are known for unique takes on different dishes, well now you can add a new restaurant to that list.

A few months back a brand new restaurant opened up in a beloved location in this very popular Montana town, and the locals are raving about how good it is.

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The Fainting Goat which is located on North Main in downtown Livingston is a place that not only the locals love, but folks traveling through will most definitely find something on the menu that they will enjoy as well.

Credit: The Fainting Goat Facebook Page
Credit: The Fainting Goat Facebook Page

The restaurant and pub are designed to give you that "Old World" Irish feel and for those that have traveled to or are from Europe, it will feel very familiar. Not only is there a well-stocked bar that offers all of your favorite beverages, but the menu is fantastic and you're sure to find a dish that will become an instant favorite.

Credit: The Fainting Goat Facebook Page
Credit: The Fainting Goat Facebook Page

My wife and recently stopped in for lunch after a friend recommended the Fainting Goat and we were instant fans.  Not only is the place warm and filled with charm, but the staff is super friendly and the food is great.

They offer many traditional Irish favorites such as Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef, and their version of Shepards Pie. Plus, they have amazing burgers and fries.

The Fainting Goat is a great addition to a town that already has some wonderful choices when it comes to downtown dining.  Places like The Mint, Murry's, Tru North, The Pickle Barrel, and Montana's Rib and Chop House are part of the culinary makeup that makes Livingston such a popular destination.

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