It's not often that I hear something said from an actor or actress and I think to myself "right on". I found myself saying just that when I heard the recent Oscar winner Jaimie Lee Curtis make a suggestion about concerts.

Warning the following video contains NSFW language:

Can We Get Earlier Concerts Occasionally In Montana?

This may go against what most people think about going to a concert, but as I get older, the more I agree with her. Working in morning radio is a lifestyle. I am awake and at work most days before 5am. Ok, not necessarily "awake" yet, but at least I am at work. Working that early in the morning takes a toll on a person. Being in the radio business we are also expected to go to concerts as part of the job. It makes it tough when concerts are during the work week.

Morning People in Montana Miss Concerts

There have been so many shows that have come through Montana that I haven't been able to see because I can't function on only three or four hours of sleep. My hat is off to those that can do it. I normally have to take a day off of work in order to go to a weekday show. Is it too much to ask that we could have at least one or two shows a year that can be during the day?

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Garth Brooks Can Do It, Why Can't Others?

Garth Brooks has recently been adding earlier shows to his touring schedule. Normally his shows sell out quickly, so he figures since he and the band are already there and ready to set up, why not have do a concert at 4pm, then do another show at 8pm. I understand that most musicians can't do what he can, but maybe it is something to consider.

Not Every Montana Show Has To Be Early

For bigger acts that have multiple shows in one location like a "Vegas Residency", how about just one show that is earlier? Just imagine coming out of a fantastic concert and it is still light out. There is still time for a nice meal and then bedtime.

It Won't Happen Anytime Soon

There is a growing population of older concert fans and morning DJs that would appreciate the changes. Maybe they would even buy a t-shirt from the show.

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