Just recently we noticed all of the bison herd south of Missoula had disappeared. It was a sight that Bitterrooot commuters saw every day driving to and from work. The sight of over 100 giant bison along Highway 93. But, now they are no longer there. So where did they go?

Troy Westre, the owner of Bitterroot Bison, was recently interviewed by his daughter-in-law about his decision to sell the herd. "Time for a new chapter." Selling nearly 170 head to farmers in Missouri. Troy mentioned that the property he was raising the bison on is part of a flood plane. Making it difficult to protect the bison from flooding in the spring. Which made it even more difficult during the Spring calving season. Sure am gonna miss seeing those little fuzzballs.

Hear Troy's announcement to sell the bison herd.

One of the most adorable sights that we see every Spring, is the addition of all the baby calves to the local cattle herds. You see them frolicking around the pastures as you drive by. But, for a calf born in Townsend, Montana, she may have to be careful when it comes to getting too playful.

See footage of a baby calf born in 2019 with her heart in her neck, video from Hidden Hollow Ranch via Facebook.

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