We've had so many conversations lately about the nature of what it means to be a Montanan, what qualifies you to call yourself a Montana, and how to just be a better Montanan. It's getting to the point now that my coworkers and I are turning these questions into games. Today's game we'll call "In the Woods."

It started with a discussion of the Bingo game I created called "Are You a Missoulian" and I was playing around with creating an "Are You a Montanan" Bingo game. People started calling out "Montana" things that would need to be on the Bingo board and eventually someone pointed out the great unifier: if you could say that you had done any of these things in the woods, it probably would qualify you as a Montanan.

For example, we've all eaten a bowl of cereal, right? But, have you eaten a bowl of cereal...in the woods? If the answer is yes, you've probably earned yourself a point toward being a Montanan.

Another: we all go to the bathroom, but going to the bathroom...in the woods? That gets you one step closer to being a Montanan.

This one I think is telling: heard gunshots. This is absolutely the kind of experience that happens in urban settings. But heard gunshots...in the woods, you might be able to call yourself a Montanan.

We've even heard from listeners that you can't really say you're a Montanan until you've been "naked in the woods."

Now, when I made the Bingo game I did get complaints, so let me remind everyone that this is meant to entertain and of course, this could just as easily apply to Minnesota.

You Know You're a Montanan If You Can End These With 'In the Woods'

Here's a fun way to see if you're a "true" Montanan. If you can end any of these phrases with "in the woods" and it applies to you, you might be a Montanan. Enjoy.

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