Is it just me or is social media the world getting dumber? Everywhere except Montana, it seems we're able to stay lucid while the rest of the world goes cuckoo bananas on the nutty sundae that is their sanity. Of course that craziness is leaking out into social media, and hey, if making a fool of themselves is what they want to do I won't try to stop them. But I'll encourage Montanans not to copy their harebrained antics. Here are some social-media stunts Montanans should avoid:

Food Challenges

I have no problem food challenges as long as they're perfectly safe, unfortunately these kinds of stunts are often dangerous. I shouldn't have to write this, but yeah, lay off the Tide Pods.


*You have now seen the pupper of invulnerability which makes you and all your loved ones immune to any "reply to this or else" posts.

Cringe Amplification

Certain social-media pages seek out cringey social media posts and repost them to their huge audiences. It's sad when regular people are put on blast like that, so let's mind our own business.


I wrote a whole article about this one, but it's worth repeating: certain pranks take it too far. Let's keep our hijinks silly and playful.

Pay for Verification

There are practical reasons for some people to pay for verification so I'm not criticizing necessarily. What bothers me is that this is a way for social media companies to make us pay for a service that should be free, and that it's a service maybe not all of us need in the first place.

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