It is almost tourist season here in Montana. Actually, it is always tourist season in Montana. Sometimes the tourist don't want to leave. Especially since the pandemic started. With the pandemic having people looking for places less congested with people. Montana became an oasis from the pandemic. Offering up more room for people to "socially distance." That is why we noticed a huge surge in real estate prices and even some buyers buying up Montana real estate sight unseen. Montana has been found.

Regardless of what corner of the world people are visiting from, they should be warned of the dangers that lurk inside this beautiful state. Montana is the home of the radical Freeman. It is also the state that thought having no speed limit was a great idea for a time. Not to mention Montana is the home of the Unabomber. But, there are even more unseen dangers that are lurking under the cold mountain waters. Or even dangers hiding in the trees. Watch as Nicky Tee shares his terrifying story of a flock of 27 rabid bald eagles devouring a litter of puppies.

When it comes to getting people to pay attention to a message, you need to include a puppy. I mean don't you want to squish his cheeks? Feel sorry for the little guy after that deadly aerial attack of rabid raptors.

Just remember next time you take a hike through the gorgeous Montana outdoors, or float down one of Montana's majestic rivers. Be aware of the rabid eagles and bloodthirsty piranha.

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