Even Chinese spy balloons aside, there's been a lot of talk about UFOs lately, which is a little frightening but to me it's also exciting. I'm one of those guys that'll drone on and on about famous UFO sightings if you let me. While there abduction stories so bizarre and horrific they my skin crawl and my stomach churn, I do think there are some space aliens that visit only to sightsee, which would explain why UFOs are so commonly seen in a beautiful place like Montana.

If you're a martian reading this, feel free to reach out to me next time you're here on vacation, I'd make an excellent tour guide. Here's where I'd take an extraterrestrial tourist around Montana:

Ski Resorts

Only Earthlings are crazy enough to invent the sport of skiing, so this should really impress. Here's all of Montana's ski resorts listed by county.

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I bet space aliens could travel the whole universe and not find something as delicious as a steak from a Montana steakhouse. Here's a list of the best 10 steakhouses in Montana.


So the space alien could learn more about us, and see how cultured we are as well. Here's a list of 6 great museums to visit in Montana.


Assuming space aliens like alcohol, drinking at Montana's best breweries might be the favorite part of their trip. Hopefully their flying saucers have autopilot.

National Parks

I've seen pictures of space and yeah, it's kind of pretty I guess— but the views at Montana's national parks are absolutely gorgeous. Check those out below.

Montana National Parks

Montana National Parks

10 Unexpected Animals That You Might See In Montana

Montana is known for a vast array of wildlife, but there are also some animals that are rare to come across.

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